Union & Co

Union & Co is strategically positioned on the fringe of Auckland’s Central Business District, overlooking the thriving Freemans Bay valley. The proposed development featured approximately 148 Freehold Strata Title Residences, alongside 4 boutique retail shops and associated car parking, all designed around a central courtyard.

In this expansive project, the roof terrace of the penthouse apartments required a seamless aesthetic waterproofing product. This product, once painted, needed to not only look visually appealing but also deliver proven performance as a durable, long-term roofing solution, ensuring the building below remained watertight. Additionally, the internal courtyard, over shops and carparks below, needed a waterproofing system to ensure protection against potential water damage.

ArchitectLeuschke Group
ContractorFletcher Construction
Size12000 m2

Neuchâtel worked with the architects at the early design stage to specify and detail the podium and roofs of this large apartment complex. because we consulted from design stage, we were able to follow the project from concept to completion, working with our applicator partner, Asphaltech, to alter the details as they installed the finished product.

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