Te Uru Apartments

Hobsonville Point

Te Uru Apartments, situated in the vibrant Hobsonville Point community, epitomize architectural excellence and urban integration. Carefully designed to complement the surrounding context, the development boasts contemporary design elements that seamlessly blend with the aspirational Te Uru neighbourhood. Comprising 58 units of varying sizes, the three-story Te Uru apartment complex offers a diverse range of living options tailored to meet the needs of different buyers.

ArchitectConstrukt Architects
ContractorKalmar Construction


In pursuit of a thermal (insulated) roof solution that prioritized efficiency without compromising quality, the client selected Neuchâtel’s Permatec waterproofing system. Unlike traditional insulated tapered schemes, Permatec offers a direct waterproofing solution that eliminates the need for additional tenting costs. By waterproofing directly to the structure and insulating on top, Permatec provides a barrier against UV radiation, foot traffic, and water ingress, while allowing efficient water runoff.

Permatec not only delivers exceptional durability but also proves to be a cost-effective option for inverted roof systems. By eliminating the necessity to encapsulate the entire structure with a tent, Permatec significantly reduces installation time and associated costs, resulting in substantial savings for the client.

The completion of Te Uru Apartments stands as a testament to the effectiveness and efficiency of Permatec waterproofing system. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the project showcases the benefits of innovative construction solutions in delivering beautiful, durable, and sustainable buildings. With inverted roof systems offering ease of installation and superior performance, Te Uru Apartments exemplifies excellence in modern construction practices.

Te Uru Apartments, Hobsonville Point

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