Victoria Lane Residences


Victoria Lane Residences, a prestigious development situated on New Zealand’s premier avenue, stands as a testament to architectural excellence and modern luxury. Crafted by the renowned Leuschke Group and constructed by CMP, this collection of upmarket residences epitomizes contemporary sophistication.

At the heart of this architectural marvel lies meticulous planning and attention to detail, including the crucial choice of waterproofing solutions. Neuchâtel, working in collaboration with Leuschke Group, played a pivotal role in selecting the most suitable products for the project’s unique requirements.


The Neuchâtel Armourplan Warm Roof System was the natural choice for the roofing needs of Victoria Lane. Designed for durability and efficiency, this lightweight roofing system provided a seamless solution for the challenging site conditions, ensuring a secure and weather-resistant structure. With its flame-free, weldable nature, it offered not just reliability but also ease of installation, essential for projects with limited access like Victoria Lane.

For the podium deck and balconies, the Neuchâtel Permatec Podium Deck System emerged as the ideal safeguarding solution. Renowned for its versatility and ease of installation, Permatec proved invaluable in accommodating the complexities of staged construction projects. Its liquid properties allowed for seamless joining and rejoining, facilitating uninterrupted progress even amidst the intricate design elements of Victoria Lane. Whether it was expansion joints, control joints, concrete wear slabs, or decking, Permatec’s adaptability ensured comprehensive protection across varied substrates.

In a project of this calibre, reliability is non-negotiable. The choice of Neuchâtel waterproofing solutions ensured not just durability but also peace of mind. Fully bonded to the substrate, Permatec provided fail-safe protection against leakage, especially crucial for the expansive balconies situated over habitable spaces.

The outcome speaks volumes – a luxurious apartment complex that stands as a testament to craftsmanship and quality. Neuchâtel is proud to have contributed to this landmark project, where durability meets elegance, setting a new standard for contemporary construction.

Victoria Lane Residences

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