Neuchâtel. Waterproofing New Zealand.

Protecting the built environment with enduring structural waterproofing systems.

Neuchâtel Waterproofing Systems

We’re Neuchâtel. We help architects and construction professionals protect their buildings with advanced, durable structural waterproofing systems. From Neuchâtel Mastic Asphalt to technical waterproofing membranes, for cold, warm or green roofs, floors, walls, paving and carparks, Neuchâtel has a proven solution for the entire building envelope. Our products are designed and engineered to handle New Zealand’s unique conditions, high rainfall, and the ongoing challenges of climate change.

The Neuchâtel Range

Neuchâtel provides a waterpoofing solution for every application from the basement to the roof. All products in the Neuchâtel range are designed to work together, making specification simple.

Neuchatel Mastic Asphalt

Neuchâtel Mastic Asphalt

CodeMark certified, the ultimate waterproofing solution with proven endurance.
Neuchatel Permatec

Neuchâtel Permatec

Superior hybrid, high-performance monolithic membrane for diverse applications. CodeMark certified.
Single Ply

Armourplan Single Ply Roofing

Lightweight, cost-effective flat roofing for a range of applications. CodeMark certified.
Neuchâtel Tanking


BRANZ-appraised dual membrane.
Torch On

Torch On Membranes

Bituminous waterproofing membranes, BRANZ approved and made in Italy.
Unison Expansion Joints

Unison Expansion Joints

World-leading specialists in building & seismic expansion joint systems.

Protecting New Zealand’s built environment.

New Zealand’s harsh climate, high rainfall, and more frequent extreme weather events present challenges for anyone wanting to protect their investment and extend structural lifespan. Nobody understands the subject better than Neuchâtel. We’ve been protecting New Zealand’s buildings and infrastructure with high-performance waterproofing systems for generations. We continue to innovate and evolve, and are committed to delivering quality, resilience and oustanding value.

Let’s talk about waterproofing your project.

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Delivering outstanding value

 Unparalleled Expertise
Unparalleled expertise

You can benefit from Neuchâtel’s extensive industry knowledge and deep technical expertise. We’ll help you navigate the complexities of waterproofing and achieve a high-performing, durable result.

 European Excellence
European excellence

Neuchâtel gives you access to European waterproofing products renowned for superior quality and technical performance. Our international product partners include IKO, Unison and Vetroasfalto.

 Sustainable Solutions
Sustainable solutions

We offer an evironmentally-concious waterproofing range that will improve the durability and sustainabilty of your buildings, and contribute to a greener future for New Zealand.

 Customised Approach
Customised approach

We understand that every project is unique. You can count on Neuchâtel to tailor an effective waterproofing solution that will precisely fit both your technical requirements, and – importantly – the project budget.

 Complete Support
Complete support

Neuchâtel delivers exceptional end-to-end support, from product selection and guidance to post-install maintenance. Our team works closely with architects, designers, developers and project managers to ensure every aspect is optimised.

 Long-Term Assurance
Longevity assured

Neuchâtel is an investment in protection, quality and durability. Our waterproofing solutions contribute to building sustainability, reducing maintenance costs and helping ensure a longer structural life.

Sustainable Innovation

Sustainability and sustainable design principles are key areas of focus for Neuchâtel, and the climate change imperative is driving some highly innovative thinking. Neuchâtel envisions a New Zealand where our waterproofing solutions not only protect structures but contribute to environmental preservation and energy efficiency. We are leading the way with advanced materials, smart technologies, longer-lasting and eco-friendly products and practices to ensure more resilent and sustainable buildings for generations to come.