Single Ply Warm Ballasted Roofing System

A range of finishes can be selected to adorn the completed waterproofing system such as ballast or paving.

  1. Ballast and/or Concrete Paving Loading Coat
  2. Paving Support Pads
  3. Spectratex Fleece
  4. Armourplan® P, SM (loose laid)
  5. IKO enertherm Insulation (loose laid)
  6. Spectravap VCL (loose laid)
  7. Suitable Deck
20 Year System Guarantee
CodeMark CMNZ70094
Single Ply Warm Ballasted Roofing System

Neuchâtel Armourplan® is a PVC membrane reinforced with polyester, designed for a variety of roofing applications, including refurbishment, new construction, and specialized installations like simulated metal roofs.

PVC membranes offer the following benefits

  1. Exceptional mechanical properties
  2. Fire resistant and fire retardant
  3. Chemical resistant
  4. Resistant to UV and natural elements such as harmful micro-organisms
  5. Sleek finish
  6. Choice of colours
  7. Long service life
  8. Secure seam welding quality

Single Ply Roofing Systems

Warm Ballasted Roofing System

Installing single-ply membranes is a quick and straightforward process, providing users with confidence in Neuchatel’s Armourplan System. These systems offer accessories that replicate the appearance of standing seam roofs and are available in two standard colours, with the option to request a range of RAL colours to mimic copper or lead roofs.

Advantages of Armour plan PVC membranes

  1. A complete warm roof system manufactured in the UK
  2. Established technology with a long track record
  3. Availability of products for exposed roofing applications with high fire ratings / extended fire resistance
  4. Easy to repair
  5. Possibility of customized design solutions (colours, profiles, and roof graphics)
  6. Homogeneous hot air-welded joints by our automated welding machines
  7. Easy to handle on site
  8. Suitable for use and exposure in different climatic conditions
  9. Fast installation independent of the weather conditions
  10. Good vapor permeability
  11. Highly flexible membrane
  12. Flame-free installation throughout the project
  13. Proven technology for over 50 years
Single Ply Roofing Systems diagrams Warm Ballasted Roofing System


Single Ply Roofing Drawings

Single Ply Warm Ballasted Roofing System Drawings

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