Neuchâtel Torch Applied Membranes

Neuchatel Torch On is a double-layer Torch Applied Membrane System for roofs and decks. The BRANZ-approved membrane products (both base and cap sheet) are manufactured from spun-bonded polyester-reinforced, modified bitumen.

Our Bituminous membranes are manufactured in Italy by our trusted product partner, Vertoasphalto. We selected Vertoasphalto primarily because of their long-standing reputation of producing high quality bituminous membranes.

Like Neuchâtel, Vertospahalto have a long, rich history. They were formed in the 1930s and in 1963 they were pioneers in producing the first bituminous membrane using APP and the first polymer bitumen membrane called VIAPOL.

Our Neuchâtel Torch On membranes have a range of properties that allow the membrane to be applied fully exposed on any type of roof and have a range of mineral chip coating in different colours and can be used in cold and warm roof systems using Neuchâtel PIR insulation as part of the system.

About Neuchâtel Torch On

The Neuchâtel Viapol range of membranes employ a compound consisting in distilled bitumen modified with selected elasto-plastomeric polymers and atactic polypropylene (APP); Their excellent quality is highlighted by two indicators: cold flexibility and high temperature flow resistance.

These parameters positively affect resistance to thermal ageing and increase the service life of the roofing system. Membranes with high resistance to thermal ageing and with excellent flow resistance at high temperatures are suitable for use in any climate, and particularly indicated in areas with hot climates and for use on thermally insulated roofing systems. Providing the client with energy savings and a more comfortable living environment.

Excellent flexibility at low temperatures enables an easy application of the membrane, an important feature in areas characterized by harsh climates or for application during the cold season. This compound, thanks to its special formula, features an excellent behavior against UV ray ageing and allows the membrane to be walked on during application.

Neuchâtel Torch On
Neuchâtel Torch On
Neuchâtel Torch On
Neuchâtel Torch On
Neuchâtel Torch On


Neuchâtel Torch On Standard Detail Drawings

Torch On Drawings

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