Permatec Tanking System

The Neuchâtel Permatec Tanking System offers a protected membrane solution, typically utilizing a drainage board. It is fully bonded to the positive side of the structure, usually concrete, and combined with a Neuchâtel Plasdrain drainage board, structural concrete, and backfill as required for performance. It should not be used on the negative side of the structure, such as the inside of basements.

Neuchâtel Permatec ECOwrap provides a flexible, fully bonded, and monolithic waterproofing system for flat or vertical substrate surfaces. Details like upstands, abutments, and penetrations are fully integrated into the Permatec system to ensure complete security.

For Substrate Waterproofing designs, the system may extend to the vertical surface of external walls in underground car parks and storage areas. It is advisable to include a vertical drainage board for drainage and protection, along with a drainage system at the base of the wall to allow for the free flow of accumulated water in the ground.

  1. Concrete deck primed with Permatec Primer
  2. 2 coats of Permatec Anti-Root incorporating Permaflash-R reinforcement
  3. Permaguard-F protection layer
  4. Drainage mat
  5. Backfill
20 Year System Guarantee
CodeMark CMNZ70010
Permatec Substructure Waterproofing System

Substrate Preparation
Ensure the concrete substrate is properly prepared to accommodate the Permatec fully bonded system. Follow Permatec Standard Drawings and Masterspec 4414AP specifications for detailing joints, cracks, or interfaces between different substrate materials.

Membrane Application
Apply the first coat of hot Permatec Anti-Root compound onto the prepared substrate using a spreader or squeegee, aiming for a nominal coat thickness of 3mm. While the compound is hot, embed the Permaflash-R polyester reinforcement into it. Ensure all Permaflash-R laps are at least 75mm wide and fully sealed with the Permatec compound. Apply the second coat in the same manner, providing complete coverage of Permaflash-R at a nominal coating thickness of 3mm. Protect the second coat of Permatec Anti-Root as required.

The standard protection layer for Neuchatel’s Permatec system is Permaguard-F, a sand-surfaced bitumen membrane. It is applied directly to the second coat of Permatec while still hot and tacky. This layer is used on both vertical and horizontal areas that will be covered with various system components like protection and drainage layers. It should be rolled into the hot Permatec promptly, with laps of at least 75mm sealed using a hot Permatec compound.

For extraordinary loadings, a slate-surfaced bitumen membrane may require an additional protection layer of Permaguard-M.
Please contact us for further details.

To enhance protection, Permaguard-HDPB (Heavy Duty) or Permaguard-PB protection boards can be utilized. They are butt-jointed to the second coat of Permatec compound, with joints taped over using 75mm reinforced adhesive tape.

For rainwater outlet details in the waterproofing system, refer to Neuchâtel’s Permatec Standard Drawing details or consult Neuchâtel Technical Services for advice.

System components
A standard Neuchâtel Permatec system includes various components like protection and drainage layers, to be installed before backfill material or loading coat material (e.g. concrete) is applied.


Neuchâtel Permatec Standard Detail Drawings

Permatec Tanking System Drawings