Permatec Podium Deck System

Often used over undercover car parks to retail and residential buildings, usually uninsulated.

  1. Concrete deck primed with Permatec Primer
  2. 2 coats of Permatec Ecowrap incorporating Permaflash-R reinforcement
  3. Permaguard-F protection layer
  4. Pavers/concrete slabs on paving supports
20 Year System Guarantee
CodeMark CMNZ70010
Permatec Podium Deck System

Substrate preparation
Properly prepare the substrate surface (usually concrete) to accommodate the Permatec fully bonded system. Ensure that joints, cracks, or interfaces between different substrate materials are detailed in accordance with Permatec Standard Drawings and Masterspec 4414AP specifications.

Membrane application
Using a suitable spreader or squeegee, apply the first coat of hot Permatec compound to the prepared substrate with a nominal thickness of 3mm. While the Permatec compound is still hot, brush the Permaflash-R polyester reinforcement into it. All Permaflash-R laps should be at least 75mm wide and fully sealed with the Permatec compound. Apply the second coat in the same manner, ensuring complete coverage of Permaflash-R with a nominal coating thickness of 3mm. Finally, protect the second coat of Permatec.

Exposed upstand details require Permaguard-M, a slate surfaced bitumen membrane, applied to the second coat of Permatec using controlled torch application. Ensure at least 75mm laps in Permaguard-M are fully sealed.
For additional protection of the waterproofing system, choose between Permaguard-HDPB (Heavy Duty) or Permaguard-PB protection boards. Install them butt-jointed to the second coat of Permatec compound and seal the joints with 75mm reinforced adhesive tape.

Note: Consider using a drainage layer in podium deck design to provide lateral drainage and prevent saturation of the sand and cement bedding.

Properly detail rainwater outlets and penetrations in the roof waterproofing system, adhering to Permatec Standard Drawings and Masterspec 4414AP specification.

System components
A standard Permatec podium deck system includes various components, such as a drainage layer suitable for the loading, sand and cement bedding, or paver supports, and pedestrian paving.


Neuchâtel Permatec Standard Detail Drawings

Permatec Podium Deck System Drawings