The Grey Apartments

Grey Lynn

Sitting at the top of the Great North Road ridge, The Grey is a boutique apartment building, which seamlessly blends edgy architectural elements with refined interiors, creating a captivating living space that resonates with the essence of Grey Lynn.

During the design phase, Architect Paul Brown and Associates enlisted the expertise of Neuchâtel to ensure the selection of optimal products and systems for the project. Neuchâtel Permatec was specified for the balconies and the Neuchâtel Armourplan Single Ply Cold Roof System for the roof.

The Grey


Permatec, renowned for its versatility and ease of installation, proved to be an excellent choice. With its monolithic nature, Permatec can be seamlessly joined and rejoined, accommodating the complexities of staged construction projects effortlessly, and ensuring uninterrupted progress.

The Armourplan Single Ply waterproof membrane is directly applied onto the structural decking. This method of waterproofing necessitates proper ventilation between the deck and the insulation layer to avert the upward movement of moisture vapour.

As The Grey stands proudly on its corner site, overlooking the streets of Grey Lynn, it serves as more than just a residential haven — it embodies the spirit of urban renewal and architectural excellence that defines this thriving community.

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