France St Apartments

France St Apartments

The project architects Paul Brown were looking for an option where the structural waterproofing membrane could be laid to shallow falls including a Zero fall application. By providing the architects with this option it allowed them more height to play with in design of the apartments. Due to council rules that govern threshold heights at the balcony entrances you are restricted unless you can lay the membranes to lower falls.

ArchitectPaul Brown
Size2200 m2
France St Apartments top

Specifying Neuchâtel’s Permatec structural waterproofing entails direct application onto the concrete slab. This eliminates the need for wet trades, saving you precious time and money throughout the project. Additionally, opting for shallower falls during membrane installation bolsters the stability of the tile jack system.

Neuchâtel was engaged early in the design phase to address any potential issues. This proactive approach allowed us to meticulously select the most appropriate products and systems for the balcony areas and lower podium.

France St Apartments roof

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