Park Residences, Albert St

Park Residences consists of 225 residences, along with 14 retail and 17 food court units nestled on Albert Street. Situated adjacent to St. Patrick’s Square, this urban oasis offers a serene retreat amidst Auckland’s bustling financial precinct. The plant room roof areas necessitated a durable solution to accommodate maintenance traffic, while the lower-level deck areas demanded a monolithic system with no laps, ensuring a seamless integration with the pedestal system atop the waterproofing finish.

ArchitectLeuschke Group
Size800 m2


Neuchâtel Mastic Asphalt, enhanced with aggregates, was the clear choice for the plant room roof. This system not only serves as a robust waterproofing solution but also accommodates maintenance foot traffic throughout the building’s lifespan.

For the lower deck areas, aggregates were omitted from the specification. Instead, decorative tiles were applied atop a pedestal jack system, ensuring a visually appealing finish without compromising the integrity of the waterproofing.

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