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Fabric Apartments, Onehunga

This significant project in Onehunga encompassed 3 expansive buildings atop a substantial landscaped podium area situated above the basement car park. Neuchâtel played a pivotal role, collaborating closely with the architects from the initial design phase to ensure the selection of appropriate products tailored to specific requirements. Additionally, we meticulously addressed intricate details and junctions that posed challenges with the facade elements, ensuring a seamless integration into the overall design.

ArchitectAshton Mitchell
ContractorKalmar Construction
Size5000 m2
Fabric Apartments Onehunga


For the balconies, we opted for our Neuchâtel Permatec system for its lightweight properties and easy installation onto the decks. Its monolithic nature allowed applicator partner Asphaltech Waterproofing, to seamlessly integrate it into the doorways, windows, and cladding, leaving a small lap to join onto. This strategic approach enabled construction partner Kalmar to efficiently install all façade windows and cladding, with Asphaltech then returning to complete the decks.

For the podium, we specified Neuchâtel Mastic Asphalt, our robust and durable product that has stood the test of time and proven its resilience on numerous roofs and podiums across New Zealand. The installation of the podium occurred in multiple sections at various intervals over the span of 3 years. The resulting design of the apartments exemplifies an exceptionally high standard of finish.

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Fabric Apartments, Onehunga

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