Rose Garden Apartments

This project was split over 2 levels on the podium with a series of expansion joints running around the perimeter of the podium and across the podium in different directions. The detail had large planters, there were areas for grass planters, concrete wear slabs, timber decking and tile finishes to the podium area. This was a challenging project due to access and detailing to expansion joints and various surfaces.

ArchitectContext Architects
ContractorCMP Construction
Size1800 m2

Pacoflex once again was the material of choice with its seamless nature it was easily moulded to any shape or detail and now is becoming the ideal solution for podium projects on large commercial projects Due to having time served trained staff enable Neuchâtel to take on jobs of any complexity and are safe in the knowledge that tradesmen are doing the work to install our membranes to the highest standard.

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