Centreplace Shopping Centre Hamilton

The original membrane and wear layer upper level carpark surface was leaking and in poor condition and the client was looking for a robust system that would both be waterproof and strong enough to accept car traffic. The product had to be durable, strong, and flexible enough to handle minimal movement that occurs in today’s modern structures.

ArchitectMott Macdonald
ContractorAsphaltech Limited
Size1400 m2

To remove the existing membrane and hot mix and replace with a new mastic Asphalt waterproofing layer topped with a mastic asphalt paving grade trafficable system. Neuchâtel had engaged Surfprep a local company to work night shift to remove the existing surface and Neuchâtel would come in early in the morning and waterproof the stripped area. Once the area was completely stripped and waterproofed. Neuchâtel would then complete the Mastic asphalt paving layer. Once again Neuchâtel had completed a successful remediation.

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