Bellus Apartments

This residential apartment building in Stonefields featured 80 apartments spread across five stories, complete with basement car parking, a gymnasium, and a landscaped podium with a BBQ and seating area. The large podium and small deck areas over the basement car park required a waterproofing product before a range of finishes could be installed. These finishes included a decorative exposed aggregate concrete wear slab, designed to support vehicle traffic once completed. Therefore, the waterproofing below needed to be robust enough to withstand shear and movement. Additionally, there were raised grass bed areas, sections of timber decking, tiles on a pedestal system, as well as tree pits and planter boxes.

ArchitectWarren Mahoney
ContractorKalmar Construction
Size3000 m2

In discussions with the architect and client, Kalmar proposed our Neuchâtel Mastic Asphalt solution, leveraging the familiarity with our product’s ease of installation and durability. They recognized its ability to withstand construction damage throughout the project. Consequently, our Neuchâtel Podium System was selected and applied in stages to this expansive, award-winning Todd Property project.

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