ANZ Centre

The clients brief was simple they wanted a product that was durable and would last 50 years. The existing podium of the ANZ tower was deemed to be removed and replaced as part of the tower upgrade. There was limited fall less than 1-100 which is termed as a zero-fall roof on the existing podium and these falls were not compliant with today’s code. Due to the existing heights of windows and joinery there were nothing Fletchers interiors could do to improve fall. So, the only solution to the problem was to use our low fall waterproofing solution.

ArchitectWarren & Mahoney
ContractorFletcher Interiors
Size1200 m2

Due to the monolithic nature, strength, durability, and overall performance of mastic asphalt it was selected for this project. As the product is seamless there was less opportunity for ponding on the surface. A specification of 2x10mm of mastic asphalt roofing was selected to cover the following areas tree pits, green area, and podium. A decorative finish of stone tiles on pedestal jacks was selected. Due to lack of height tiles were fully adhered to mastic asphalt on certain areas of the project. Flexco adhesives warranted their glue on the mastic asphalt surface.

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