96 St Georges Bay Road

Mansons delivered yet another A-class development with 96 St Georges Bay Road, a high-quality mixed-use development in Parnell. As part of this project, two plant room areas on top of the new office complex required a robust waterproofing solution for the roofs. Manson’s projects are meticulously planned, with careful consideration given to plant room waterproofing on all their commercial ventures. This approach has fostered a long-term relationship, allowing Neuchâtel to supply superior product for our applicator partner Asphaltech to handle plant room installations for all of Manson’s commercial projects.

ArchitectFormis Architects
ContractorMansons TCLM
Size500 m2


Manson’s has been choosing Neuchâtel to supply Mastic Asphalt for installation in all their plant rooms for over 14 years. So, the decision to utilize Neuchâtel Mastic Asphalt was straightforward. With Mansons projects, the consistent detailing across each new project ensures a seamless continuity of design and installation. This approach enables our applicators, like Asphaltech Waterproofing, and Manson’s project team to swiftly find solutions for the ever-complex plant room design.

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