When it comes to road repairs, particularly on arterial routes, efficiency is everything. Apart from the risk of damage caused to road-users by poorly maintained paving, there’s usually a high cost in shutting down roads for repairs and a very small window when the road can be worked on.

Usually problems arise at seams in the road, such as manhole covers or expansion joints, where two materials meet and react differently under heavy loads. This last ‘couple of percent’ of the total job often costs the developers days if not weeks, and can be the first elements to fail in the future.

Drawing from extensive experience in road repair, IKO, renowned mastic asphalt specialists, have developed a groundbreaking solution tailored to meet these challenges head-on: PermaTrack. This high-polymer mastic asphalt filler is engineered to streamline pavement repairs efficiently and effectively.

PermaTrack boasts rapid curing properties, hardening within an hour and accommodating heavy vehicle traffic in just two. Its versatility shines in various applications, from infilling level crossings and tram lines to seamlessly filling gaps in paving and surrounding manholes or access points.

What sets PermaTrack apart is its ease of use and reliability. Certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA), it arrives “hot-charged” and pre-mixed with an increased grit content for enhanced durability. Its hand-formable nature allows for precise application without the need for compaction, saving valuable time and resources.

With PermaTrack, completing paving projects becomes a straightforward endeavor, yielding aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting results. Its resilience under heavy loads and resistance to water ensure durability and performance in diverse conditions, making it an invaluable asset for both new construction and maintenance projects.

Since its introduction in 2001, PermaTrack has been successfully utilized on motorways across the UK, showcasing its enduring effectiveness and reliability in real-world applications.

Key features of IKO PermaTrack include:

  • Self-compacting nature, eliminating the need for additional compaction
  • Installation without rollers, reducing labour requirements
  • Flexibility to accommodate dynamic loading in any temperature environment
  • Tough enough to bridge sub-faults and withstand forced dynamic loadings
  • Resistance to water, ensuring long-term performance
  • Suitable for installation at a thickness of 40 mm or more

With over a century of expertise, Neuchâtel has been a trusted guardian of tens of thousands of surfaces against the elements and damage from heavy machinery. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability ensures our products are tailored to meet the evolving needs of large-scale projects. For further information, please call us on 09 441 4595 or email at info@neuchatel.co.nz.