Don’t let your plant-room dampen your forecasts

Don’t let your plant-room dampen your forecasts

Plant-rooms need to be robust! They impact on the life expectancy of your plant, the quality of life for your occupants, and the costs of staying in business.

More simply, your plant-room is the heart of your building. It houses the key components for services like electrics, plumbing, HVAC and much more. And invariably it’s shoe-horned into as small a space as possible. Like a multi-layered maze for technicians to tamper and tweak.

Not only must it cope with the constant stops, starts and vibrations of the equipment, but it’s usually exposed to the elements, and must deal with extremes in heat, cold and moisture. And if that isn’t enough to plan for, add in a couple of decades of maintenance men wrenching on parts, dropping tools and drilling holes – all of which add stress to the floors.

And usually once your plant is installed, any repair to the floor or walls is very difficult and usually short term.

Consequently, how you go about waterproofing and dampening a plant-room can have significant impact on your future returns.

For the last 100+ years, the best solution for protecting the integrity of your plant-room has been to coat the floors with a 20-35mm layer of Neuchatel Mastic Asphalt. It’s tough, durable, flexible, and will last 50-60 years (which ought to see out the life of your plant several times over).

At Neuchatel we’ve been protecting tens of thousands of surfaces from deterioration caused by heavy machinery and the elements. Over time we’ve refined our products and our service to be more durable, environmentally friendly and affordable – especially for large scale projects.

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The floors need to cope with vibration, heat, cold, condensation and the best intentions of your maintenance department. If there’s a breach of integrity, it’s going to be very costly to fix.