Who is Neuchatel?

Neuchatel is NZ’s oldest waterproofing company, and one of our oldest brands, having been established over a century ago in 1905. Their qualified and experienced network of tradesmen service the entire country from their headquarters in Auckland.

No project is too big or too small for Neuchatel, who have worked on some of NZ’s largest icons like Kelly Tarltons Underwater World and Aotea Square, as well as some of our most precious heritage sites like the refurbishment of the Mansion House at Kawau Island. They’ve only been called back on one job – the Kate Sheppard building in Wellington – after only 95 years of abuse from the elements (you read that right – Kate Sheppard building was built in the 1920’s and the roof has just had a precautionary resurfacing as part of a major refit. Read about this on our website).

As well as our core product, Mastic Asphalt by IKO Permalite, Neuchatel is widely recognized as an innovator in waterproofing solutions, and offers some of the most technologically advanced products in the market, including cold applied membranes (for dry wooden structures), fire-retardant waterproofing membranes, and expansion joints.

Neuchatel’s offer expert solutions for

  • Flat Roofs
  • Green Roofs
  • Warm Roofs
  • Carparks
  • Planters
  • Podiums
  • Balconies and Terraces, and
  • Tanking

Waterproofing, although only a small part of the overall construction cost, if not done right can have a major impact on the operating costs of the building for years to come. Neuchatel work with Architects, Engineers, QS and Clients to achieve the best solution and the optimum spend regardless of the size or extent of the project.


Core Product Range:

Fanshawe St 3

Detail work around the slate edges

Mastic Asphalt: Neuchatel is the authorized agent for IKO Permanite, which is not only one of the UK’s largest Mastic Asphalt producers, but also recognized as the market leader in their field.








The manhole is reinstated, and PermaTrack built up in layers.

The manhole is reinstated, and PermaTrack built up in layers.

Highway Repair and Maintenance: A recent advancement in composite mastic asphalt is Permatrack, designed specifically for use on highways and heavy traffic areas. It is designed to replace damaged sections of roads, and can be used in crack repair, ironworks replacement, or bridging a seam. Repairs take 50% less time to effect, and last for decades, and the surface has excellent skid resistance.






Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.36.00 pm

IKO Safestick Prevent is cold-applied (requires ZERO flame) and includes an Intumescent Graphite layer to protect your building in a fire.

Waterproofing Membranes: Neuchatel is the authorized agent for IKO Prevent, a revolutionary new waterproofing membrane ideal for NZ conditions. It’s the only product in NZ with a fully self-adhesive application protocol, retaining excellent waterproofing integrity while being quicker, cleaner, and a lot safer to apply. And not only can it be cold applied, making it ideal for new or existing wooden buildings, but it includes an integral graphite layer which expands in direct heat to create a fire-retardant layer. So rather than adding to your fire risk, this membrane significantly reduces it.




Robust Joint Covers and Seals

Robust Joint Covers and Seals

Expansion Joints: Neuchatel is the authorized agent for Unison Joints, one of Australia’s most successful construction supply companies. These differ from other expansion joints in that they are delivered fully assembled, and hence reduce construction time on site, as well as reduce risk of imprecise finishing. These joints are ideal for high traffic areas such as sports complexes, car parks, and hospitals.






For the last 100+ years Neuchatel has been protecting tens of thousands of surfaces from deterioration caused by heavy machinery and the elements. In this time they’ve refined their products and services to be more durable, environmentally friendly and affordable – especially for large scale projects. For more information, click the links, or call us on 09 441 4595