Shopping in Unison

Shopping in Unison

Mounting miles of joints and seals stand as testimony to our products in Australasia.

It’s rare that you’ll find many things that Woolworths, Coles, Target, David Jones and Myers all agree on. But Unison Joints seems to be one of those things.

Because in the last decade, Unison has designed, supplied and/or installed coverplate systems, certified fireproof seals, and waterproof seals to all of these players, and pretty much every other major player in the Australian Retail Market.

With a product measured in meters, in the last 10 years Unison supplied well over a 500km of products to retail clients, the most notable of which include:

  • Westfield
    • Pacific Fair
    • Garden City Expansion
  • Brookfield Multiplex
    • Indooroopilly
  • Castletown (Townsville)
  • Eastland Shopping Centre
  • Queens Plaza
  • Woolworths (we’re on their specifications)
  • Coles (we’re their preferred supplier too)
  • Target (and theirs!)
  • David Jones – 8 locations
  • Myers – 3 locations
  • Big W – 7 locations

There’s many reasons why these clients like to work with Unison Joints. Apart from the enviable reputation for a wide range of top quality products, by working directly with the clients bespoke products can be tailor-made for the job and supplied on a just-in-time basis, minimizing logistical delays and costly storage and damage.

UJ Mall

UJ Mall – Eastland Shopping Centre

And because the systems are fitted fully assembled, there’s no need for fiddly adjustments or last minute modifications – so long as the surfaces to be bridged are within prescribed tolerances, the joint can be bonded in place in one simple procedure, ensuring a perfect finish every time.

Westfield Pacific Fair is a great example of our work. Completed in 2016, we supplied over a kilometer of custom made coverplate systems – approximately 300m in the base-build, and a further 700m for clients including David Jones. We also supplied another 250m of certified fireseals.

UJ Mall

UJ Mall – Westfield Garden City

This was by no means our biggest install. In 2014, Unison supplied 9 kilometres of control joints for the Westfield Garden City Expansion, in Mount Gravatt, Brisbane.  And projects like Eastland Shopping Centre (3 km of product) and Townsville (almost 4 km of product) provided ample evidence of our ability to supply cost effective solutions in a timely fashion.

The range of Unison Joints are tested and certified to Australian, British and New Zealand standards. It includes products for floors and walls, for internal or external use, including Ceilings, Roofs, Carparks, and Pavements. If Unison don’t have a product that’s right for your job, their Design Team will work with you to create something specific. They’re perhaps best known for their work in large public buildings, like Shopping Malls, but we’ll save that story for another day.

The Unison Joint range is supplied in NZ by Neuchatel Limited. For the last 100+ years Neuchatel has been at the forefront of the paving and waterproofing industry. In this time they’ve refined their products and services to be more durable, environmentally friendly and affordable – especially for large scale projects. For more information, click the links above, or call us on 09 441 4595