The perfect bridge between the past and the future

The perfect bridge between the past and the future

London Chooses IKO Permatrack for iconic Tower Bridge Refurbishment

Arguably among the most famous landmarks in the UK, and possibly in the entire world, London’s iconic Tower Bridge is a national treasure. So when the London council recently decided to give the bridge an upgrade, you know they went to great lengths to secure products that not only added to the authenticity of the project, but also had exceptional quality and track record, to protect and enhance this important site.

Fairly extensive repairs were carried out, including waterproofing and resurfacing the carriageways, reinstatement of the footpaths, and resurfacing the spans themselves which tilt up to let river traffic through the bridge.

It’s not surprising that IKO Permatrack was chosen for the bulk of the resurfacing work. Not only is this product a modern-day derivative of the products originally used on the bridge, it’s also been used very successfully on many other architectural heritage sites around the world, since it’s easy to work with, and extremely effective in protecting and waterproofing the structure. Few products can match it’s efficacy and long lasting impermeability, especially since the platforms of the bridge are raised almost vertical when ships pass through.

Since it’s discovery several centuries back, Mastic Asphalt manufacturing has continued to develop and improve, and the modern composites in use today are among the most effective and cost efficient building materials you can choose.

Permatrack is an innovvative specialist product developed by IKO in consultation with the British Motorways Authority for Civil and Road works. It’s a highly robust and fast setting bonding and filling material for highway repairs, manhole, pothole and crack repairs, and as a bridge over material interfaces. It fixes problems better and faster, and lasts a considerably longer time than conventional asphalt.

Permatrack is supplied in NZ by Neuchatel NZ Limited. For the last 100+ years Neuchatel has been protecting tens of thousands of surfaces from deterioration caused by heavy machinery and the elements. In this time they’ve refined their products and services to be more durable, environmentally friendly and affordable – especially for large scale projects. For more information, click the links above, or call us on 09 441 4595