Expansion Joints

Unison Joints fabricate precision engineered architectural and seismic joints and peripherals. With more than 20 styles and a variety of materials to choose from, Unison Joints can easily be integrated with existing external and internal structural elements including flooring, paving, walls, ceilings and facades, offering you a higher degree of precision and flexibility.

Their innovative design approach and commitment to world-class engineering practices has cemented their position as the leading supplier of expansion joins in Australasia.

Unison Joints differ from conventional expansion joints in that they are delivered fully assembled, and hence reduce construction time on site, as well as reduce risk of imprecise finishing.

Unison joints are ideal for high profile traffic areas where joints need to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, including

  • Airports,
  • Commercial buildings
  • Retail outlets and malls
  • Sports arenas and grandstands
  • Bridges and ramps
  • Car parks
  • Hospitals