Waterproof Roofing Membrane

We Provide strong a durable waterproofing system that’s ideal for covering areas subjected to regular foot traffic. If you’re looking to waterproof your balcony, deck or terrace, Neuchatel provides you with an effective solution.

Revolutionary new bitumen membrane incorporating:

Patented adhesive for cold application – no flame required, and Graphite layer offering one of the best flame retardants available

Mastic asphalt is the ultimate in protection for a wide range of construction applications. It offers total waterproofing integrity for roofing and tanking, acts as a tough working surface and damp-proof membrane in flooring and is ideal for paving, offering a durable wearing surface.

It is one of the world’s most traditional construction materials and has continued to develop with the times, even in today’s hi-tech building industry. Today’s modern mastic asphalt with its advanced polymer formulations for roofing and paving and seamless application is the finest material for flat roofs, decks and a whole range of construction applications – in fact, in a situation where waterproofing integrity is vital.